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Major job board is predicting massive increase in job openings

Currently, there’s a lot of talk about short-term and long-term risks to the labor market in Germany. There’s the “Brexit” vote, still unsolved structural problems in Europe that showed during the financial and currency crisis, and the migration into Europe from the Near East and Africa. Those problems are undeniably real, and have to be approached by the forces that be. Still, various analysis and statistics point straight up for the labor market. The Federal Labor Office has been reporting record lows in the number of qualified workers looking for work, and private organization add some interesting numbers of their own. Weiterlesen

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What works best to get a low performer up to par?

It’s estimated that about 10% of all employees are so-called low-performers. There is no shortage of heated discussions and well-meant advice from HR- and Business Consultants concerning those ten percent. In this article, we will take a closer look at the matter. Who are those low-performers? And how did they end up being one? Weiterlesen

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In 2017 social security contributions might rise above 40%

The goal of the grand coalition between 2005 and 2009 was right and proper: the overall financial burden for employers and employees from social security contributions should drop and stay below 40% in the long term. Starting in 2008, with a short interruption during the years after the financial crisis, this was achieved up to this year. Unemployment contributions and pension contributions have remained at a low level, those for nursing care insurance have been raised only slightly and several reforms have kept the health insurance contributions in check. However, the overall level might soon rise above the magic number of 40%. Already the average is 39.8%, and many employees are above 40% already. Weiterlesen

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The 2916 labor market in Germany

We are halfway through 2016. This time of year, various institutes traditionally publish their prognosis for the coming six months. In this, the expectations of the Institute for Employment Research hit pretty close to reality. Weiterlesen

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Avoid Option Paralysis

We all make a myriad of choices every day, whether it’s unconscious ones like which sock to put on first, minor ones like picking the cereal for breakfast, or major ones like deciding whether to change jobs. Plainly, without the ability to make choices, none of us would be able to function in our everyday world. Weiterlesen

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