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Cognitive Bias

Experience says that most of those good intentions we started the year with have dissolved in the everyday grind of reality by now. Even more reason to stop now and readjust ones habits, especially for those involved in HR: Make it a goal to truly only use objective criteria when deciding on a hire. While most would agree that this is a goal to strife for, it is much harder to truly life by, since humans are in our very nature biased. Weiterlesen

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A honorary post can be more than a passing comment

Even if you haven’t spent time working abroad or speak five languages, there is still hope for you to stand out from the crowd. HR professionals increasingly are paying attention to candidates’ hobbies and volunteer work. What for a long time was little more than a passing comment at the bottom of the resume to point out that you had a life outside work, Recruiters are not trying to use these points, along with the interview, to get an idea of candidates’ social skills. Hence, how you spend your free time has more influence on your chances to land the job than most people think. Weiterlesen

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Research and development in the automotive industry is turning digital Soon up to 60% of all jobs in that area will be filled by IT specialist personnel

A recent study done by „PriceWaterhouseCoopers“ (PwC) shows an interesting development in the automobile industry. Not surprisingly, the existing r&d departments are expected to grow considerably the next five years. That means the creation of several thousand engineering jobs. However, and this is the real surprise, the demand for mechanical engineers and automotive engineers is expected to slowly decline, while there will be an additional demand for software engineers and other IT specialists and computer scientists. This will add additional strain to an already tight labor market, as the automotive companies will be competing for talent with big players like Google, Apple, and Microsoft! Weiterlesen

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Sick days, over time, part time: some interesting statistics of 2015 in Germany

Feeling stressed is a very subjective thing. It therefore helps to take a look at the yearly study about the world of employment done by the Federal Employment Agency. Recently, said study for 2015 was published. It is compiled out of data about sick days, polls done in companies and work councils, and other sources. Weiterlesen

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Migration into Europe: How comparable are different degrees?

European institutions, in cooperation with national chambers of commerce and industry, are currently working on the accreditation and recognition of various degrees across the borders. In the meantime, the job markets on the continent, especially those in Austria, Germany and Sweden, are faced with new challenges after the strong influx of refugees over the course of last year. Disregarding their individual motivation for leaving their home and head for Europe, the majority will stay long-term. All political parties and relevant groups, as well as the migrants themselves, are aware that goal it not temporary shelter and protection from civil wars and persecution, but integration into the host societies. In this post we will look at the aspects having to do with the labor market. Finding employment is, next to learning the language of the country and compliance with national laws, paramount to fully become a member of the new society. Weiterlesen

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